dagmar baumann
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fold 2019

acrylics and oil on chalk and hideglue

A painting represents a moment in time: The presence of each brushstroke is tangible. Distinct decisions made in adaption to the canvas itself  in a mode of concentration. The brush lands on the canvas and the mark is irreversible. I stage this momentum as clear as possible. The viewer can see what has happened. They can read the movement and the chronology of actions; the procedure is rather transparent. The colour is bright and dazzling – the purplish hue is called Opera-Roze, of course suitable for any kind of drama, while the yellow is just Bright Yellow (some Scheveningen’s Indian Yellow too) and here it is added to tame the pink drama by juxtaposing an equal power. I build very broad brushes, which can determine the whole canvas in one single move. Again this boldness emphasizes the trace and leaves the arena to the painterly qualities that are facilitated by the slight overlay without ever being fully predictable or let alone: controllable. Doing so I experience a kind of surrender to the image. Beauty, if it shows up eventually, is an extra that happens beyond my imagination.