dagmar baumann
works about news

rear side of the installation

detail of the installation with 'ongoing performance revisited' 40x27cm, 2009-2023

'all included'
ca. 450x250cm
diverse materials

Between November 2022 and May 2023 Herman Lamers curated a series of exhibition at HAL Archief in the Robert Fruinstraat in Rotterdam. It was an ongoing project with a constantly changing exhibtiion. The works were hosted for a week or three to be followed up by new works of other artists in an irregular pace. I was invited from 24the of Februari until half march to show whatever I wanted. The installation 'All included is a selection of works positions in close proximity arrouns a wall that is placed loosely in the rear part of the enotmous space. Some 25 small and big paintings and objects group together in a seemingly casual constellation. It appears as frozen between explosion and implosion of the artists oeuvre. The vieuwe is invited to strole between the works and arorund the wall. The formulation of front and back of the instalation is reformulated in several paintings that are part of the work. Autonomous works flok together as a meandering circular movemet. There is no timeline or hirarchy in the approach. Smaal and big get somehow leveld in the interaction and dynamics of the presentation, which leves and validates the individual work simultaneaously.