dagmar baumann
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Today's Sculpture on Display
divers, two windows, ± 250x120cm
diverse materials
exhibition 'Kunstfenster' Goethe Institut Rotterdam

Today’s Sculpture on Display
was a presentation in the art-window of the Goethe Institute in Rotterdam, May 2021, prominently located on the Westersingel and visible in the front windows day and night.
Today’s sculpture is a collection of miniatures; a number of carefully arranged little piles of found objects. The display addresses the trifold nature of this personal archive of the quotidian. There is an emphasis on the thingness of the elements, as well as a connection with high art and a monumental, almost architectural appearance. The setting resembles a classical window display. What is for sale? Everybody will recognize some objects from their own kitchen-drawers. Here they appear like jewels placed on velvet cushions and pedestals in matching sizes and colours. Apparently there is a correlation between dimensioning and values that eventually redefines our relationship with things to foster a sense of connectedness. The private, a sense of memory and souvenir, reflects in the windows of the opposite apartment-building.