dagmar baumann
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2021 - GRAW

2021 - GRAW

installation ca. 1000x1000x500cm
tables, paper, printer, boxes, printed items, videoscreens, headphones, several works on paper, fabric, coffe-beekers, cups, books

Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekeinde, the artists of Rotterdam open their studio doors in September 2021. So does 004 Collective in studio 004, Borgerstraat Studios
Kathrin Wolkowicz, Heyer Thurnheer and me work as a collective in order to redefine our indivdual works in an installation as concerted collaboration .
The work of 004-collective emerges as an on-going process. For this edition we developed the idea in a preparory conversation. Succeding former editions we decided to make a long row of drawings and texts on a table, like a deconstructed magazine on display. The viewer is invited to read the exhibition and touch and reararnge the objects eventually. The setting suggest a workspace, work is in progress and the authors have just left to be back any minute. You van hear a conversation from the halway. It is the recorded conversation we held to plan this event. The space is filled with the sound of an office, where the pling and and the sound of the printer form a layer of the experience. The soundtrack is also available oh headphones. While everything kind of doubles in a continous stream of pling and rrrsterrtserrtse, falling paper and distant discourse you can pack your own set of small paperworks into a rustling bag. When concepting the show, we asked ourselves what if a written text is an artefact, an object, piled up with other 2D-objects to be a pile of left overs from our practice as well as notes of future visions. We pile up our individual contributions and hand out this notation of the current to every visitor.

This pile of documents is like the melt water of the iceberg of our induvidual practices: images of all kind of sources, found objects from everywhere, statements with a distinct intention as well as airy poetry wash ashore.to take chances with meaning. It hopefully disperses into drawers or, more luckily, onto walls in homes.