dagmar baumann
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view through the front-window with a work of Kathrin Wolkowicz

until here
18000cm x 500cm
acrylics on wall

The wallpaintig ‘Until Here’ was concepted for the exhibition ‘This Is’ in Hilton Art Lab, a venture run by Herman Lamers in Rotterdam. The space is huge and raw, naked concrete floor, an open ceiling with the pipelines and sprinkler installation in full sight, shopping windows from ceiling to floor at the north-side of the former Café of the Hilton Hotel at Hofplein in Rotterdam. Five artist participate in the exhibition that is set up as a total installation, in which the individual works feature each others qualities.
The two enormous brushstrokes stretch for ±20 meters over the rear wall. With fluorescent pink and yellow they provide a powerful colour experience. Surprisingly the light and vulnerable way the broad strokes are brought to the wall somehow balances the screaming colours into something ephemeral and floating. There is the suggestion of a stroke of cloth being moved by the wind.
These stripes are utterly present, they are visible from everywhere in the room and they rule it with a soft hand. The complexity of performing the painting itself lingers on in the space while the result looks light-footed and simple and interacts with the other works of Milou van Ham, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Arianne van der Gaag and Danni van Amstel, curated by Herman Lamers.