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Dagmar Baumann is conducting a consistent and diverse oeuvre which emphasizes on the gesture. The handling of the material guides the work into being.

The works of Dagmar Baumann appear as a celebration of the becoming of a work. The image reveals the process or better: the process is the image. We witness the remains of an action that includes the hand of the maker. Brushsrokes land on a canvas from somewhere outside, they form traces and layers, sometimes unaccountably many, sometimes - clear as daylight - two or three bold moves, which determine the entire canvas. The strokes cross over in a speedy shortcut or meander and circulate in the white field and stir it up into a dazzling illusion of three-dimensionality. The abstract image is not distant, but full of movement and emotion. It evokes all kind of association with nature, geology or microscopic images, but it always points back to the reality of the painting itself. That goes for her collage-work as well. Those are meticously cut out from extented archives of printed matters and the recicling of her own works. The swaying and flickering of the image elements suggest a consistent logic of cause and effect that gets mystically intertwined in the image and all kind of associations and ideas seem to just hold the attention and create a surprising stillness. 

The gestural image, the subjective archives and the collections of objects form the personal space are no longer merely a form of individual expression, but an equivalent of the question how to live.
Being aware of the movement itself as in a performance and observing the quality of connection and communication that the found images and objects represent opens up not only the realm of painting as a artistic discipline but as a way of being 'in live'. By the way how the artwork is appearing in a space as a setting - wether exhibition or private rooms - it becomes an interlocutor between everything present, including the viewer. Bounderies loosen up in the flowing, sometimes dazzling feeling that the images radiate. This sense of here and now, the play with place and chronologie and a distant presence of the artist is apparent in the whole ouevre of Dagmar Baumann. This understanding of the gesture encorporates collage and found objects, abstract and figurative painting and drawing, and occasionally perfrmances that proces and redefine the work in the presence of an audience. 






Exhibitions, selection
2021           studio-presentation with 004 Collective during Art Rotterdam
2021           Art-Window Goethe Institute, Rotterdam
2020          ‘This Is’ HAL Rotterdam, mural
2020           GRAW, studio presentation
2019           Galerie 158, Schiedam, Baumann/Wieringa, duo
2019           ‘HOUTKUST’ film and mural in Houthem, Sint Gerlach
2017/18/19 Open studio Borgerstraat – concept publication and installation in collaboration with   
                   Heyer Thurnheer and Kathrin Wolkowitz  - curator studio-talk

2019           development of publication of artist with artists talks in the framework of
                   Borgerstraat Open Studio’s
2018   workshop and exhibition at Pari Networks, Pari, Italy
2017           commission for the collection of NN Nationale Nederlanden, The Hague
2017           presentation Rotterdam Contemporary with Partners Galerie 
                   ‘at the same place by coincidence’
2016           group-exhibition at On Arte, Locarno, Suisse
, cuated by Heyer Thurnheer
2016          ‘it is Sunday’ house-exhibition , open studio, Maastricht
2016           'Sediment and Sentiment' bookshop Hans Walgenbach, Rotterdam (April, may 2016) –
                   solo exhibition and performance/artist talk with Hans Walgenbach on my publication
                  ‘Sediment and Sentiment’
2016           February - open studios Borgerstraat during Rotterdam Art- Week –
                   installation in collaboration met Heyer Thurnheer en Kathrin Wolkowicz 
                   004 Collective
2016           Rotterdam Contemporary ( with Partners Galerie)
2015           Partners Galerie, met Rick Koren, Sarah Züst en Sjoerd Westbroek,
                   (curating of the exhibition)
2015           Museum Waterland, Purmerend - group Exhibition 'On Collage'
2014           open studios Borgerstraat, Rotterdam,
                   installation with Heyer Thurnheer en Kathrin Wolkowitz, 004 Collective
2013           ‘Movement’ Kinderkunsthal (museum for children) Rotterdam
2013           ‘Meer van Veel’ (more of many), exhibition and book presentation at
                   Studio Trenkel, Pop-Up Gallery, Rotterdam
2013           publication ‘Sediment and Sentiment’ with Nienke Terpsma
2012           Duende Dicht, studio presentation
2011 ‘Your Tender Hip’, Gallery Phoebus Rotterdam, solo

2010          ‘Zuid/Oost/West’ (South/East/West), in ‘De Paddestoel’, Doorn, solo

2009          ‘Smooth Operators’, exhibition Tekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht,
                   with Noëlle Cuppens and Peter Redert.

2009          ‘Serving the Facts’, Traders Pop Gallery, Maastricht, solo
                   and many more

2006         tutor at WDKA, fashion department, artistic thinking and idea-developement,
                 form studies and visual perception, artistic research, Willem de Kooning Academy,

2017         “To look up, to look down” – collage for the collection of the NN
2012          grant (CBK Rotterdam) for the production of ‘Sediment and Sentiment’
2013          Mural Rozestraat as a part of the project “A Sleeping Beauty”,
                  publication, www.asleepingbeauty.nl

2009          Interior Crematorium Hofwijk, Rotterdam, publication

throughout my artistic practice I got several grants of the National Art-Support Institution,
Fonds (BKVB), Amsterdam and CBK Rotterdam, whom I owe many thanks.
my work is sold and commissioned in galleries, private collections and art-institutions throughout The Netherlands and abroad.

1979-1984  Fachhochschule (Bachelor) Design (monumental Design in public space),
                    Aachen, Germany
, diploma dipl.des.

1987 -1989 Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, (postgraduate), NL