Dagmar Baumann is conducting a consistent oeuvre which emphasizes on the gesture - representing moments in time and the maker's attitude. The experience in handling a material guides the work into being.  

The paintings of Dagmar Baumann appear as a celebration of the becoming of a work. The image reveals the process or better: the process is the image. We witness the remains of a performance. Gestures of the brush form layers, sometimes unaccountably many, sometimes - clear as daylight - two or three brushstrokes that determine the canvas fully. The brushstrokes never cover up the white under-painting, which seems to be a valued actor in the mesmerizing play between foreground and background. The strokes cross over in a speedy shortcut or meander and circulate in the white field and stir it up into a dazzling illusion of three-dimensionality. The abstract image is not distant, but full of movement and emotion. It evokes all kind of association with nature, geology or microscopic images, but it always points back to the reality of the painting itself. Somehow the swaying between the observation of the canvas, suggesting a consistent logic of cause and effect that gets mystically intertwined in the image and all kind of associations and ideas seem to just hold the attention and create a surprising stillness.